Give Me 5 Hours And I'll Show You How to Quickly Upgrade Your Relationships, Career & Wealth—on Your Own Terms—Without Taking Multiple Courses, Reading Dozens of Books or Endlessly Working on Yourself...

For most women, getting results in your love life, business, work or wealth was time-consuming, confusing—and costly.

She would read dozens of books, follow the latest gurus, go through a bunch of self-study courses, therapy and even hire coaches.

She’d spend her twenties and thirties getting her education, put the love life on the back burner—or do it half-heartedly. And it seemed like something always suffered, or was missing in her life.

Self-development felt like a full-time job.

And the quality of life was lower because you hyper-focused on one area of your life—while you put another on a back-burner. You won in one area—but lost in another. It felt like a constant juggle.

That’s the way things used to be.

But now, as you’re about to see, there is a way to create a juicy love life, attract the right high-caliber men, multiply your net-worth, build your business or accelerate your career or business—by focusing on ONE THING.

Focusing on this one thing gives you the foundation and the power to design and create your whole life—on your own terms.

Even I’m still amazed by it…and I created it.

And it gets better…

I’m going to help you create a fulfilling, HIGH VALUE life in your work, relationships and lifestyle–on your own terms–WITHOUT compromising either of them

Ciao! I'm Rhonda Cort

Founder of The High Value, and one of the BIGGEST problems I had in my life was this:


“How can I meet the right, high-caliber man, have a fulfilling love life, great relationships with quality friends, grow my business and enjoy a lifestyle of fun, freedom and adventure—without sacrificing any of it, or settling for less?”


In short, I just wanted to design, create and enjoy a holistic lifestyle—on my terms.


… Without wasting years trying to improve myself or endlessly get education
… Without having to read dozens of books, take
… Without having to depend on things outside of me, like understanding men, dumbing myself down
… Without the unnecessary struggling, settling and sacrificing who I truly am or what I desire.


I just knew WHAT I wanted—and I wanted to HAVE it—as the woman I AM.


Sound familiar?


It turns out, me, you, and every other woman has the same challenges, fears and problems.


And the existing experts, coaches and programs  on the market were either:


a) incomplete: only addressed ‘part’ of the woman or one area of our lives

b) confusing: sent conflicting messages or wasn't consistent 

c) cookie-cutter: created for the masses, was the same "rehashed" stuff or produced mediocre results

d) external: based on things I had to “do” or on men’s desires or felt inauthentic


And that’s why I decided to share what I discovered over 20 years of study, experience and research to create a methodology without these flaws.


(It does a whole lot more, too, as you’ll soon see)

But too many women are trapped in a never-ending cycle...

First, like you, I’m just a normal woman…


Unlike most self-development and relationship experts, I didn’t get my start by "studying every book or program that was on the market."


As a matter of fact, I completely transformed my love life, career and lifestyle by doing the OPPOSITE of what most advice out there says.


Here’s what happened:


When I was 19, I was a low-quality man magnet.


I was dating men who were emotionally abusive and unavailable, they didn’t value me and I was always waiting for them to call…or I’d be lucky if they even showed up for dates.


One night, I was coming home from an evening out with a girlfriend. We passed by my boyfriend’s house, and I noticed a car parked in his driveway with out-of-State license plates.

I had a sinking feeling in my stomach.


My friend happened to have a key to his house, since she was a close relative. I begged her to let me in. She made me promise I wouldn’t cause a scene. I promised. She let me in.


I was so nervous, I could barely breathe as I walked up the stairs.


I knocked on his bedroom door, my heart pounding wildly in my chest.


When the door opened, I saw her. She was sitting on the bed getting dressed. So was he.


He tried to give an explanation… I raised my hand to silence him.


I said one sentence to him…

…and walked out.


As I drove home in tears, self-worth shattered…


I vowed to live the VERY BEST life. I would only accept the best in ALL areas of my life. 



Three Years Later…


I was at the Boscolo Exedra Hotel in Rome, Italy.


The music was bumping, champagne flowing and swag bags with luxe goodies were being doled out. I was enjoying a swanky party on the hotel’s rooftop with a group of friends.


I was perched on a plush sofa, taking a break from dancing, when a woman walked over and sat down next to me.


Her name was Daniela. She was one of my best friend’s acquaintances.


She asked me a question that would change my life—and the lives of tens of thousands of women world-wide—forever.


“Rhonda, how do you do it? How do you have the most amazing men vying for your attention? They’re always taking you out. I try to attract them. Nothing. How do you do it?”


I really hadn’t thought about it. I followed a natural process—or so I thought.


I told my by best guy friend, Guido, about my conversation with Daniela. He said, “Rhonda, sei la donna magnetica.” (Translation: Rhonda, you’re the magnetic woman.)


I asked him what he meant by that.


He said, “You have work you love and don’t have to answer to anyone. Opportunities flow to you. You attract the highest quality men without trying. You get into the best places in the city without waiting. You live internationally and travel when you want. All the best seems to be attracted to you. You’re magnetic.”


At that moment, the scene of me driving home crying and the vow I made to myself three years prior, flashed into my head.


My life wasn’t perfect, yet I was finally living my life as The Chooser. (A woman who consciously chooses what and who comes into her life—on her own terms—as opposed to waiting to be chosen)

The fact that most women never discover this power breaks my heart

What’s unfortunate is, in that group of women, I’m betting there’s someone just like you….

…Someone who believed that if she was smart, accomplished and great at her work, then people would notice her value and get paid handsomely.


…Someone who believed since she was educated, attractive and had a great heart, the right, loving, successful high-caliber man would eventually find her and fall in love.


…Someone who has worked on herself for months, and things just didn’t work out.


The question is “WHY!?!”

Most women WILL never enjoy a whole, fulfilling life Due to COMMON 3 challenges & 5 biggest time-wasters...

Tell me if any of the following sound familiar:
  • Challenge #1: Hyper-focusing on work

    I was chatting with an entrepreneur in her 30’s who came to me for support. She went through a series of bad relationships and decided to take a 6-month break from dating to heal.

    She woke up 4 years later, wondering why her love life didn’t ‘just happen?’ 

    She’d bought into one of 5 myths I share below. You’ve seen this before, heck, you may have even done it.

    Unfortunately, lots of women, pushed by feminism, demanding parents and social pressures end up with this challenge.

    (By the way, she unleashed her Magnetic Woman Factor™ and today she's happily dating several handsome, high quality men.)

  • Challenge #2: Working too hard at love

    One of my graduate clients, a highly successful woman in the medical field, had spent two decades of her life without so much as a relationship.

    She was immersed in her work and thought things would ‘just happen.’ At almost 40, she was starting to feel pressured because she wanted children.

    For several years, she did EVERYTHING you could think of.

    She read dozens of books on relationships. She went to singles events. She took courses on understanding men. She got a makeover. She started dating online.

    She took self-study courses. Her inbox was jammed with conflicting advice from dozens of popular gurus. She asked people to set her up or if they knew any good single men. She had her plan, and she was going to make it happen!

    Crickets! Zip. Zilch. Nada.

    She only attracted a couple low quality men who didn’t respect her, let alone ask her our on a serious date.

    She was fed up and was about to give up on online dating for good. That’s when a mutual friend introduced us.

    She used The Magnetic Woman Factor™ and got remarkable results.

    In less than 4 weeks, she attracted 3 high quality men to date using her online profile. She was ecstatic!

    Within 12 months, she had met and married her loving, handsome surgeon hubby!

    The problem with working too hard at love is that you emanate a desperate, hurried energy. Even if you don’t consciously feel you do.

  • Challenge #3: Self-sabotage due to conditioning

    I had a chat with a business owner who had realized her dream of living abroad and fell madly in love with a man she’d met. 

    Then everything started to unravel…

    Her boyfriend was offered a job in another country. He said he loved her, but didn’t invite her to move with him.

    He eventually broke things off with her after stringing her along for a year.

    Then her career started to tank, so she had to give up her international lifestyle.

    As she grew more and more depressed, she started comforting herself with food. The extra pounds added to her misery and depression.

    At 58, with an extra 40 pounds of weight, she felt she would never recover, let alone find a high quality man who would find her attractive. 

    It turns out her parents always sacrificed big.  They never had the lifestyle they really wanted.

    When she was growing up, they used to say things like, “If it’s too good to be true, it probably is” and “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.”

    Subconsciously, she felt guilty about their ‘sacrifice for her’, so every time she had it good in more than one area, something always fell a part. She told herself, “Well, I’m lucky to have one out of three. It’s better than nothing!”

    The beliefs, programming and experiences that conditioned her for decades shaped her beliefs and mindset. Even though she wanted more in life---it kept her 'safe' in her comfort zone. 

    Your conditioning is the enemy of your true desires. 

    She realized this and went through the eye-opening process I'm about to share with you.

    Today, she is doing well financially, attracted a high quality man into her life, and is planning her next international adventure. 

Why Most Programs Can't Help You Create and Enjoy a Happy, Whole, Fulfilling Lifestyle On Their Own Terms (and How YOU Can)

This will anger gurus and experts world-wide, but I must tell you the truth.


I had a conversation with a woman who was upset with the dating and relationship industry.


She’s smart, financially successful and attractive. She tried everything. She spent the last year she spent trying to understand men and reading books on what men wanted.






One evening, she found herself listening to a teleclass I was teaching. When I said, “Trying to understand men when you’re attracting the wrong types of men is putting the cart before the horse. Instead, focus on understanding yourself.”


She said she felt like she was finally free. 


The more she thought about what I said, the more she realized she’d been placing the focus (and her power) outside herself. The constant in every failed relationship was herself, and there was something she wasn’t able to see. 


She’s not alone, 80% of women I speak with tell me they’ve tried everything, especially understanding men. And while they’ve seen improvements, they still don’t have what they want.

When you’re not attracting the right, high-caliber men you want in the first place, focusing on understanding men does greater damage. 


You can try to “fix” things by behaving a certain way—or do certain things, but you’re still attracting the same types of men.


All this does is keep you on the dating hamster wheel. You think you’re moving ahead, but you keep repeating the same cycle over and over again.


This diminishes your power.

So I’m giving you permission to…

Focus on understanding yourself first. This increases self-knowledge and amplifies your power, thus changing your results.


Once you’ve found that, you’ll start attracting the right, high-caliber types of men.


That said, I actually think understanding men is a good thing and has it’s place. Once you’re attracting the right, high-caliber men you desire, then it’s more helpful.

This hasn’t just worked for me, it’s also worked fabulously for my clients and students…


Remember the woman I mentioned earlier? She stopped focusing on understanding men and focused on understanding herself thorugh the Magnetic Woman Factor™ method. 

Shortly after, she met a fabulous man. And now she’s planning her wedding to a wonderful, loving, affluent and ambitious Alpha man!

#2 Time-Waster: Following the Masses

This one is a doozy!


When one of my graduate clients came to me, she was a harried mess. She was following 20 different gurus. She was in multiple programs. She was listening to dozens of free teleclasses. Reading a bunch of blog posts each day.


Newsflash: Do you REALLY think you’re going to get long-lasting, life-transforming results by listening to contradicting advice, free teleclasses, jumping from guru to guru and reading dozens of articles? 


You’ve heard the saying, “throwing spaghetti at the wall to see what would stick?” That’s what she was doing.


But nothing was sticking. She got ZERO results.


She was FRUSTRATED, CONFUSED and was ready to GIVE UP.


I asked her to do FOUR THINGS:


▪Stop listening to multiple coaches and gurus. (This meant getting off all the lists)

▪Select ONE mentor whose message and methodology resonated with her.

▪Invest in ONE high-level program that gave her what she needed.

▪Follow what she learned in the program CONSISTENTLY for AT LEAST 90 days.


She did exactly what I said.


Within 12 months, she was married to a loving, handsome surgeon.


On to the next time-waster…


When I lived in Rome, every time I drove my scooter around the Colosseum, there always seemed to be covered with scaffolding.


By the time they finished the cleaning and restoration, a year had passed… And it was time to start the whole project again.


I used to joke it was an ‘eternal’ project in the Eternal City. (I’m glad they’re taking such great care of it though :-))


Just like the Colosseum, lots of women ALWAYS seem to be under construction?


They’re in “The Self-Improvement Project Trap.”


Endlessly working on themselves, by themselves. When they’re done with one area, they start another. Then another. Then another.


They’re never satisfied.


They think…


If I work on myself hard enough and long enough, I’ll get the results.


They say, “When I get to a better place, I’ll get support.” So they wait and wait and wait. One year passes. Then another. Next thing you know, five years later and the self-improvement project is still in full swing.


The problem with this is that they don’t know what they don’t know. (Which is why they keep going round and round)


Have you been working on the same challenges for months (even years) and still haven’t gotten the results you desire?


Do you think the right, high-caliber man who is loving, emotionally available and financially successful won’t want you because there’s something in your life you need to “fix” first?


Too many women miss once-in-a-lifetime opportunities (personally and professionally) due to the Self-Improvement Trap. While they’re endlessly “improving” themselves—instead of asking for support—life passes them by. 

Don’t fall into The Self-Improvement Project Trap. 


Avoid putting areas of your life (or your desires) on hold until you 'fix' something else, or reach a certain ideal. 


Stop trying to endlessly figure out what you don’t know. 


Don’t waste another month (or year) of your life waiting for the ‘perfect time.’ 

If you’re truly committed to getting results, NOW is the time to get support.



Which leads us to the next time-waster...


When I was growing up, my mother taught me to REALLY stretch a dollar. One of my chores was to go through the Sunday papers to clip coupons. My dad was the Do-It-Yourself king, and my mom was the queen of Frugalville.


I understand why and respect their views.


They came to the USA as immigrants in their twenties (from a British Caribbean country). They instilled (read “programmed”) these working-class values in me:


▪Do it yourself (to save money)

▪Hard work is honest

▪I’ll figure it out myself

▪Asking for support is weak


I have a lot of respect for my parents, and will always be grateful for all they’ve done for me. Yet, this mentality caused me to waste years of my life trying to figure things out on my own.


Let me share a personal story…


I struggled with a challenge that was affectng my business AND love life for almost a year (due to my DIY programming as a child). When I finally got frustrated enough and serious about getting results, I invested $9,000 in a mentor.


A few weeks later, my problem was solved. I was angry, because by choosing to not invest in support, I wasted a year of my life, energy and emotion!


I never blamed my parents. I was an adult, and I made the choice to struggle on my own. 


When we buy into ‘I’ll-do-it-myself,’ we end up exhausted, burnt out, isolated and repeating the cycle of failure. This causes us to fail and give up on our dreams before we even realize them, but boy are we darned PROUD of our efforts!


Don’t buy that nonsense. Think about things logically...


Do you think the Queen of England does her own laundry?


Does Oprah do her own weekly grocery shopping?


Did A-List Hollywood actresses teach themselves to act?


Have you ever met a successful business owner who never had a mentor? 


Do star athletes coach themselves? 


Trying to figure it out on your own puts you on the fast path to burn out and failure. 

One of my clients is working on a million-dollar venture. She planned to spend the next 6 to 10 months creating a certain part of her service. This also meant, she wasn’t going to get a dime of compensation for 10 long months!


I reviewed her plans and in five minutes, I showed her a different way to approach the project. Not only would her venture be up and running in the next 60 days, she could start getting paid now—not in 10 months like she projected.


She said, “Rhonda, OMG! You saved me months of work! Had I done things the way I planned, I would have sacrificed spending time with my family, friends and fiancé. Thank YOU so much!”


Luckily, she is the type of woman who invests in the support she needs.


Smart women invest money to shave years off their learning curve, to 

get faster results. They know that either way, you pay---with years of your life OR with money.



On to the last, highly devastating time-waster…


Yes, they can give you advice. But before you take it, here are three reasons why it rarely works:


1. They can’t be objective. I was once engaged to an Italian diplomat. He was an AMAZING man. However, after a year or so, I began to feel we wouldn’t be right for each other. So, after speaking to someone who didn’t know our situation, I broke things off.


When I told my parents, they were hurt. They kept asking me if I knew what I was doing. They thought I should reconsider.  They loved him. His family loved me, too. They already spoke of me as their daughter-in-law.


It was painful, yet looking back, I know I did the right thing. If I had married him, we would have been divorced today.


Those nearest and dearest to you can’t always see things clearly. They can’t be objective (even if they swear they are). They’re too close to your situation and emotionally invested in it. And whether they admit it or not, they often have their own desires and programming that may work against your best interest.


2. They don’t always have the best results. I had a girlfriend everyone thought was happily married. All of our friends used to go to her for advice. Little did they know her marriage was falling a part. Everyone was shocked when they divorced.


More often than not, the girlfriend you’re asking for advice is worse off than you. So how is she supposed to support you? You’ve heard the saying about the blind leading the blind.


This is why millions of women world-wide spend years trying to ‘coach’ each other and give each other advice–with poor result.

You get better, faster, long-lasting results when you invest in a mentor who HAS healthy relationships, a successful business, a great lifestyle or whatever the result is that you desire.


3. You may get what you want to hear—not what you need to hear. People say they never lie. The truth is most people do—even if it’s just to spare your feelings.


A stylist will tell you that dress is not flattering, your girlfriend may not.


A mentor will tell you that you keep attracting the same low quality men because of the energy you emanate, your girlfriend may say men are jerks—or if she’s more positive, “Oh, it’s his loss. Just keep trying.” 


Not very helpful. Their advice will keep you stuck. 

The #1 Key to Creating a Passionate Love Life, Career Success & a Happy, Fulfilling Lifestyle On Your Own Terms

You can have the love life you desire (whatever that looks like for you) and maintain, grow the financial and career success you’ve already created for yourself.

The key is not segmenting ‘areas’ of your life, but realizing they are all connected.


When you focus only on your work—or your love life, it’s like focusing only on inner self-growth–while neglecting your appearance. Or, on the flip side, only focusing on your appearance while ignoring your character and self-development.


Yet we do it for decades of our lives.


And since we view these ‘areas’ as separate, we naturally seek ‘piece-meal’ solutions.


It’s not our fault, because we just don’t know better. We’re simply seeking a solution to our challenges.

Almost every solution out there was created for ‘part’ of a woman—who lives 'half a life.'


Most experts aren’t doing this to purposely keep you on the information merry-go-round, purchasing product after product. I believe most have good intentions.


Yet, some of them KNOW it won’t solve your challenges long-term–and they sell half-baked solutions anyway. 


That said, I’m not pointing fingers.


Most of them just don’t know better. Even I did so early on in my business. I focused on one or a couple of areas, but not the whole woman.


I wasn’t being malicious, I simply didn’t have the knowledge and experience. I had not evolved.


So if you ‘treat’ part of a woman, it’s makes sense that results are also partial. No wonder so many women lead such unfulfilling lives!


What can we do instead?

3 Things Most Programs Ignore That Sabotage Your Success

Most programs, books, solutions and experts are teaching 'part' of the whole. There are 4 spheres that need to be served if you are to get deep, long-lasting results.


When they are aligned, you're living in your 'sweet spot.'


Being in that sweet spot ignites what I call The Magnetic Woman Factor™. A state where you are magnetic to your true desires. Things flow to you faster and with less effort—and without the sacrifice and struggle. 


If you've been sacrificing, settling or struggling, these 4 spheres are not in sync. 

In the Magnetic Woman Factor™, I address this by integrating ALL FOUR spheres to create instant and long-lasting transformation. This is one of the main reasons why women who discover this method experience a complete lifestyle upgrade.  

I want to make sure we’re on the same page, so I’m going to briefly touch on each one.


Keep in mind, I’m giving you a short summary, not an in depth explanation of what each encompasses.

If I covered every aspect, nuance and part in-depth, this already substantial article would turn into a book.


Let’s dive in, shall we?




This encompasses everything that is practical. You can touch it, do it, feel it, see it, hear it, smell it and taste it—everything sensual. These are your actions and deeds. It’s your dress and appearance. You get the idea.

Most programs out there only focus on the Physical. Things to do, ways to 'act,' what to wear, how to move/be and what to say. They stop at a superficial level.

When you try different things without being aligned in the other 3 areas you're about to discover, you waste A LOT of time. This is why most women do numerous programs, read books, hire coaches and get little or no results.

There are two more problems here...

PROBLEM #1: You're taking the WRONG actions.


Many programs have a cookie-cutter, 1-2-3 approach to addressing women’s challenges. While the problems are basically the same from woman to woman—the women themselves are VERY different. We have different needs and desires.


What works for the masses, won’t likely work for you. Especially if you want an above average love life, career and lifestyle. 

PROBLEM #2: Like I said previously, most programs are based on 'Physical' or practical things. They give you tips to try & tricks to do, but they IGNORE the other 3 spheres.



To be clear, and with all due respect, this has nothing to do with religion. Women of many different beliefs and faiths have used The Magnetic Woman Factor™ to get results. 


The spiritual sphere includes what you may call your Higher Power, God, Universe or other name you use. It includes your heart’s desires (as they come from your Higher Self), and encompasses the science of how the world operates–Universal Law.


We are spirits having a physical experience. When this connection is altered, ignored or severed, it is impossible to enjoy a whole, fulfilling life. Most programs IGNORE this, and those that speak of spiritual things, leave out crucial points.


Many women struggle with spirituality due to a strict upbringing, conditioning and other life experiences. Each woman has a unique background. What works for you may not work for me—or another woman. 


In the Magnetic Woman Factor™, we create a simple way for women to get in touch with their Higher Self, and strengthen their spritual connection in a UNIQUE positive way, tailored to their own needs, beliefs and desires.




This is all about what you feel and the energy that you emanate. It encompasses love, security and self-worth, which dramatically affect your energy. Everything and everyone is energy.


In the last point, I talked about the spiritual sphere and how it is taught incompletely. For example, I have spoken to hundreds of women who have tried Law of Attraction, and wondered why it never worked for them. 


One of the main reasons it doesn't work is because most women (even very successful ones) have challenges with self-value and self-love. Their emotional sphere is also out of sync with what they desire. 


So going through the motions and repeating affirmations will not get results without emotion. Emotion is a catalyst to draw in your desires when used with the other 3 pillars.


You may have heard that we are all made of energy. We have energetic ties to exes, childhood conditioning, family cycles...and dozens of other things. We cannot see them. This energy must be cleared in order to break patterns and get long-lasting results.


Unfortunately, it's not something that you can do simply on your own.


I also take you through powerful exercises that build self-love, security and high self-worth from the inside out. This is a MAJOR key that helped several women who have gone through The Magnetic Woman Factor™ attract the right, high quality Alpha men who are loving and financially successful in as little as 7 to 14 days.


One of my graduate clients, Bo, didn’t have the emotional piece in alignment. For twenty years, she was in the right places and taking the right actions—yet repelled the type of man she truly desired.


She was emotionally and energetically out of sync with them. She was 'invisible' to them. When she got in emotional and energetic alignment, she was married to a handsome, loving surgeon within 12 months.




This includes your mindset, thoughts and beliefs. The knowledge you possess at this moment, how you perceive the world, and what you believe to be true are also included. It encompasses your subconscious mind, the programming and conditioning that has taken place since you were born.


There is a natural gap here because we are always in the process of growing. If you want to experience something you never have—you need knowledge that is not currently in your awareness. You don’t know what you don’t know.


This is where the right, fresh knowledge comes in handy.


You can’t receive or maintain long-lasting results by just doing ‘things’ without a permanent shift in mindset and beliefs. Your subconscious is still running the show—based on old programming.


This affects who is attracted to you, whom you meet, your experiences and what you ‘see.’ For this to shift, first you must shift. 

In the Magnetic Woman Factor™, I take you through special exercises that allow you to quickly break through beliefs that aren't serving you---and replace them with healthy ones that magnetize you to your desires.

Results are accelerated when ALL four pillars are integrated in your life. This creates an unshakable, high-value foundation. 

“One of the biggest pitfalls perpetuated by the “me too” experts is “do what everyone else is doing and you’ll get the result. You’ll be set.”

And when you press them more, they’ll say things like, “Raise your self-worth… think positively… just repeat a bunch of affirmations… learn to understand men… “ and other things that are vague—or outside of you.




I built my name as a no-nonsense, no sugar-coating mentor, and I’m not going to let you down.


If someone tells you to go understand men, think positively, get a makeover, back away slowly.


Then run.


The truth is, all that stuff is great if you don’t mind shallow, short-term results.


One of my graduate clients, Bo, was a single woman, almost 40 and had never had a relationship her entire adult life.


She spent years trying to figure things out on her own. Following all the 'conventional' and 'popular' advice that's out there. Reading book after book. 


One day, a mutual friend introduced us and told her she should explore working with me. We did.


In less than 4 weeks, she'd met 3 high quality men online.


Within 12 months, she was married to the right, high-caliber man she’d been wanting for years. They have a lovely family together. Her career got a major boost, too!


When I ask women who get these results if it was worth the investment, they always say they’d happily trade all of their money for the lost years.


Speaking of wasting years of time...
...In case you're thinking...



Let me share something a very wise (and very wealthy) mentor of mine shared with me:


He said, "Rhonda, when you're serious about getting a result, it will show up in two areas. On your calendar and in your checkbook." 


Now, if you're like me, you're busy and you don't want to invest 3 to 12 months in a program, unless you absolutely have to.


I hear you. 


Many of the women I work with are entrepreneurs, CEOs, have government positions, entertainers traveling the world and executives who work long hours… 


So that's why I’ll show you how to get these results without having to take a 3-month course or … You won’t have to wait weeks, as information is doled out… 


You’ll discover everything AND get the benefit of a 12 month mentoring program in just one convenient weekend.


How’s that for saving time! 


And you'll be able to repeat the program whenever you like.


How much time days, years or months have you been doing things the way you have.


The average amount of time a woman has wasted by the time she finds me is 8 years. 


What Results Can the Magnetic Woman Factor™ Deliver?

This retreat is a catalyst for massive transformation that upgrades every area of your life:

During the retreat, we will be integrating the Intellectual, Physical, Spiritual and Emotional spheres - so you build a solid, holistic, high value foundation


We’re going to uncover, discover and liberate who you truly are as a WHOLE woman over two days. This allows you to get rapid, long-lasting results. (In a moment, I'll share some of the reviews & fantastic results women, just like you, have had)


- KNOW YOUR VALUE AS A WOMAN & BE ABLE TO SHOW/COMMUNICATE IT DAILY. Understand yourself better and the unique qualities that make you stand out as a woman---in love, work and life. 

You will start to feel you are 'enough' and stop the need to endlessly improve or prove yourself.

- EMOTIONAL FREEDOM (INSTEAD OF DEPENDENT, CO-DEPENDENT OR EXREME INDEPENDENT BEHAVIOR). I'll help you create and nurture a solid foundation of self-love, self-security and self-worth from the inside—based on YOU and not your past, men, work or other programming. You'll begin to take action in ALL areas of your life as a woman who is ALREADY loved, safe and of high worth. This is vital to never settling and getting what you desire.

- CLEAR DIRECTION VS. SECOND-GUESSING. You will be able to discern what your true desires and needs are based on clear thinking, not fear, doubt or worry. Make decisions that are best for you, while leaving the guilt and manipulation of others behind.  


- BUILD AN UNSTOPPABLE HIGH VALUE MINDSET. This is I will compile a list of resources for daily rituals that nurture the mindset, emotions, spiritual and physical needs of attendees. Access to the right information and support is crucial. 

- CREATE DAILY RITUALS & A HIGH VALUE ENVIRONMENT THAT SUPPORT YOUR GROWTH AS A HIGH VALUE WOMAN. For those who would like private attention, there will be an option available for a handful of women.

And that's not all...

Here's An Outline Of What You'll Experience During The Magnetic Woman Factor™ Virtual Weekend Retreat...

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • pre-retreat PREPARATION

    • From the moment you decide to join the retreat, your transformation will start.

      It all starts with you completing a special exercise where you outline your current top 3 challenges and desires


      Although we follow a certain process, the retreat is tailored to the lead needs of the attendees. Everything I teach (the exercises, examples and mentoring) is chosen based on the foundational needs we each have. 

      This is why ladies who attend this unique style of retreat get massive, rapid results.

  • day 1 / PART 1 FOUNDATION

      Success begins with aligned clarity. It’s not just about discriminating between where you stand right now and where you ultimately want to be. You must know who you really are, what’s really possible and what you really want. Typically, that differs from who you think you are, what you think is possible, and what you think you can have. 

      During this process, you’ll unearth the clarity you need to break through the illusions, be 100% in sync with what you really want in order to create your desired results. This is where we blow the ceiling of all limitation. 

      *Discover the Truth About Love, Security & Self-worth. Make eye-opening connections between your love life, work, men, past conditioning, family and the results you’re getting now.

      This is A MUST if you want to enjoy a passionate love life, attract high-caliber men, multiplying your wealth and living life on your OWN terms.

      *Enjoy the Emotional Freedom of a High Value Woman. Discover how to create a solid foundation with the 3 Pillars of self-love, security and self-worth. This helps you be emotionally free of manipulators, passive-aggressive people, set higher standards & healthy boundaries you stick to. 

      You will start building self-love, self-security and high self-value from the inside, not on external things or people or approval.

      Some of the Benefits x Your Love Life, Career & Lifestyle

      - Be secure around high-caliber men so they instantly feel your value
      - Be a woman who knows she has options
      - Emanate self-love, security and self-worth magnetic to high quality people
      - Attract higher quality men 
      - Confidently ask for what you want in love, relationships and career
      - Set healthy boundaries that preserve your time, energy & emotion---yet allow you to be vulnerable and supported by the right people
      - Make better choices in relationships based on your needs and desires
      - Understand your top values, needs & desires and how to get them filled

      - Increase your fees & ask for what you want
      - Know, feel and communicate your worth to men, clients, employers and others
      - Build the foundation of courage and confidence to create, shape, transform and live life on your own terms
      - Attract people who recognize your value, respect you and treat you well
      - And more!



      *3 Steps to Creating Your High Value Environment. Your environment affects the energy you emanate—and affects the results you have and how fast you see them. Maintaining the right environment is crucial. 

      We’ll cover the 3 Pillars of creating a high value environment so you maintain (and grow) your transformation once you leave the retreat.  


      Most programs skip is the creation of a supportive environment that will continue to integrate the shifts you’ve made and allow your transformation evolve and grow.

      Without this, you fall back to your old routine and never experience long-term change.

      Some of the Benefits for Your Love Life, Career & Lifestyle
      - Let go of past hurts, ties and emotional pain with exes, family and friends that no longer serve you
      - Step into feelings of worthiness, power and knowing you have choices 
      Shift deep-rooted, family beliefs and programming
      - Let go of relationships that aren’t right for you, so you can allow the right, quality ones to show up quickly
      - Let go of thoughts of not enough and scarcity
      - Take action on your true desires in spite of fear
      - Attract the right types of people and support you need in all areas of your life
      - Create an new, high value environment that locks in and nurtures your growth--instead of slipping back into old habits and progamming like you did in the past
      - And more!

We Love Rewarding Decisive Women!

Bonus: The 1 Secret to Mastering Men & Money ($50 Value)

This is a 60-minute training and mentoring program I taught on the connection between men and money. This is truly priceless.
Every woman who who invests in the retreat will receive this bonus. This is my gift to you for taking decisive action TODAY! 

so, what are your options?

  • You can try to figure it out yourself, go study all the programs out there, read all the popular books and follow 'common wisdom', but who knows how much time, stress, sacrifice, emotion and money that's going to cost you.
  • You can stay on the information merry-go-round and use all of those useless free tips, tricks and techniques.
  • You can trust friends, family and other people who mean well, but aren't qualified to support you in creating the love life, career and lifestyle you desire.


Alternatively, you can invest in yourself and The Magnetic Woman Factor™ Virtual Weekend Retreat.

Now, I'm sure you're wondering HOW MUCH the virtual retreat is. 

Let me ask you a question...

How much is it worth to create the foundation you need to create the love life, career and lifestyle you desire--on your own terms--without sacrificing?

My private clients invest $7,500, $10,000 and more for me to teach them this live...

And many told me it was worth five times that because of the results and life-long transformation they receive...

Don't worry, you won't be investing anything near that because I can teach you virtually. That said, the full investment for my live weekend retreats are between $2,000 and $5,000 dollars. 

Yet, this virtual retreat isn't even $1,997...because while I invested A LOT of my time creating it, I want it to be accessible to women who are ready.

That said, it's not  a cheap, cookie-cutter $97 course made for the masses either...

Women invested over $2,000 for the live retreat, but you get a special deal today...
  • Step 1: Click the button below & SAVE $500 when you purchase today!
  • Step 2: Once your payment is authorized, you will receive an email with access to the program.

    In you do not receive access within 2 hours, email your receipt to: and we'll take care of you within 1 business day.

If you have any questions or concerns about the retreat, we're happy to help!
Write >>>

The #1 QUESTION I get about investing in The Magnetic Woman Factor™ Virtual Retreat . . .

Is the Magnetic Woman Factor™ Virtual Weekend Retreat right for me?

I appreciate and understand this question because if I were you, I would have the same concern. So, who are (and aren't) perfect candidates for this program?

this program is not for the following:

  • Women who do not take action or responsibility for their lives and results.
  • Women who make excuses, back out, are not decisive or say, "I'll think about it" when the opportunity presents itself.  
  • Women who do not truly want to experience a holistic, high quality life and they are satisfied with things as they are. 
  • Women who will continue to jump from one thing to the next.
  • Women who only want to 'try this out' and are not 100% committed to doing whatever it takes to get the results.
  • Women who are lazy, negative, complainers, never take action and are always trying to "win the lottery" or find a magic bullet to solve all their problems. 
  • Women who are not coacheable, open-minded and ready for massive growth.
  • Women who only "try" things if they can get a refund. I invest the time to study each woman's pre-retreat work and design each retreat around their needs. My time invested cannot be replaced. I do not offer refunds for any work that I've invested time in. And, I do not ask for refunds once I've invested in a program or service. Women who are investors and go all in get results (not those looking to "try").

this program is perfect for the following LADIES:

  • Women who seriously want to create an extraordinary life on their OWN TERMS in the next 30 to 90 days (not 12 months or 5 years from now).
  • Women who are ready, willing and able to invest time, money, effort and emotion to create a love life, career and lifestyle on their own terms.
  • Women who are open-minded, willing to try new things and take 100% responsibility for their results. 
  • Women who are ready to get off the information merry-go-round and follow one path for a specific amount of time.
  • Women who are ready to leave behind old energy, relationships and ways of being and embody fresh, high value energy that attracts their desires.
  • Women ready and committed to saying, "YES, I'm making it happen, no matter what..." when opportunity presents itself.
  • Women who are ready to be 100% wealth-conscious in love, career and life.

Now that you’ve discovered all the great things you will discover and how it will change your life… You may be thinking.

Sounds great Rhonda, I’m glad it worked for you, but does it work for other women?

That’s the biggest concern I hear from women. So while this has worked for me personally, I know that’s not enough for you. Here are some raves and successes my clients and students have. 

As an upscale business serving successful women world-wide who value their privacy, my clients and students trust me with their deepest desires, biggest challenges, fears, secrets—and everything in between.


I am their confidante. 

From the moment you submit any information or become a client or student, my first priority is your well-being and your privacy.

That said, I do not have permission to share information that could identify them. Some of the names have been changed to protect their privacy. 

Raves Reviews & Results of Women Who Discovered Their Magnetic Woman Factor™...

  • Leanne
    Business Owner, Miami, Florida

    “I would just like to say since the retreat life has been amazing! I have been super busy with the holidays, and a vacation to the Caribbean, and mostly slammed at work. I got 5 new clients the week after the retreat! My life was "good and comfortable" before the retreat, but I wanted more and totally found it. I raised my prices, started looking for a new office, I bought a brand new 2015 BMW :). My lease is up at my apartment in March and I'm looking for a new condo or a house. My confidence levels have stayed high, my relationship with my boyfriend continues to grow deeper and better every day.

    Mainly for me it is just a feeling. Like I can feel my energy level radiating at a higher frequency. I feel more confident, I feel I am standing taller. I feel like I can do anything, like why have I waited so long to be this version of myself?  I feel secure in my relationship, I feel worthy of his love. I am excited about growing my business fear isn’t really an option. I am just ready to really live my life to the fullest. I have “known” these things before but now I truly feel it!

    I am grateful for you, the class, the other women and the energy clearing. I look forward to working again with you in the future!”

    Consultant, Phoenix, AZ
    "Update! So his name is David and at the last minute he flew me out to to meet his family. Honestly, I didn’t think I’d stay for the entire week and expected to come home early…but then I ended up having an amazing time! He took me to the JW Marriott for Christmas day brunch and we had so much fun we changed our clothes and went back for the light shows and a little yoga.  We went hiking on the civil war historical sites."

    This happened just two weeks after the retreat...and that's not all...


    Marie and David are getting married! 


    I got the wonderful news when I spoke with her again, she was out with David shopping for engagement rings. And she got a fabulous new, high-paying job she absolutely LOVES. She was beaming on the phone!


    She experienced a complete lifestyle upgrade just 90 days after the retreat!

  • NatashaExecutive, London, UK

    “I kept receiving these newsletters and emails from this High Value Woman - Rhonda Cort and loved the energy hit I would get from reading the valuable material and insights. My life was chugging along ok - no major problems (or so I thought) but I kept being called back to this energy and wondering how I could get this energy for myself as I could tell it was a force for good and powerful self-transformation - I could just tell, I could sense it....

    The results have shown to me very clearly, that my energy detector was spot on!


    Over two days I faced fears, deep ones that I had been refusing to look at for many years. In facing the fear I didn't create more fear and a big mess, but healed the root cause. I saw how the principles I had chosen for myself, were not real values, but survival tactics I had created to deal with the tough business of life. However, under Rhonda's guidance, "fight or flight" became "embrace and inspire".


    But enough of words - if you are considering this retreat, trust your attraction to this invitation. If you need more convincing, I ended the retreat on Sunday, was invited to write an article Tuesday and welcomed into my life a grand romance with a high calibre man the same week. Thank you Rhonda - you have changed my life for the very very better.” 

    When I spoke with Natasha again, she told me she was offered TWO prestigious DREAM JOBS! 
    Her love life, career and lifestyle are completely different just 2 weeks after the retreat.

  • GeorginaPhysician, Australia

    The result was worth the investment was that I cleared up a lot of superficial things I was holding onto to hold me back. I loved the fact that it was all online. No travel. No packing. No fuss. Some of the other benefits I loved were the energy clearing (powerful!), taking time for reflection—I’m so busy, I rarely have time to do that. I think every woman should. I also enjoyed how Rhonda showed us new ways of looking at know problems. And the cherry on top, the retreat successfully cleaned up the beliefs I held around self-love and gave me clarity on what I wanted for my love life and career.

    I let go of: mother issues, father issues, poor abusive relationships, self-disrespect, self-abuse, inflicting pain on self and past relationships. I reinforced my own values and worth without the context of achievement and other people’s values.”

    The last time I spoke with Georgina, she told me she attracted two international partners who are taking one of her inventions into SEVERAL new countries

  • Charlotte
    Actress, Los Angeles, CA

    “I went to a Casting Director workshop in Hollywood just after the retreat. I had to cold read for the CD of MAJOR CRIMES.  She gave private feedback and she told me I was fantastic, very organic, had a great feel for the scene, all really good. That was SO EXCITING TO ME! To have a Hollywood casting director tell me I did a great job on a cold read was MAJOR growth in my skill and craft! Also, production is starting again on a web TV series I have been cast in and I am developing a nice friendship with the director who is female. (She loves my acting too!  Yeah!!!) 

    Out of all those ugly men on eHarmony, well an interesting man popped up! He lives about 2 hours out of the area but he is okay with the commute. He has a master’s degree, seems very considerate, dependable and respectable. We’ve had several dates. He was willing to drive from Palm Springs to take me to dinner and then drive back to Palm Springs. No expectations, but just nice that I have met someone I found interesting and attractive enough for my tastes


    I don’t know if this relationship will move forward—what I do know is that there is a high caliber man out there who LIKES me, who thinks I am attractive, sexy and sensual, very confident and comfortable in my own skin, and that I am interesting! Not bad, eh?”

  • If you think you’re going to do this later or on your own. Think about how long you’ve had the challenge that brought you to our tribe. How long have you been trying to solve it?

    Now think about how different your life could be just 30 or 90 days from now?

    I would love you to be one of my next new success stories like Leanne, Marie or Natasha.

    You’re already here.

    Use the "Click Here to Enroll Now" button and get started today.


Are you going to let another year go by...
or are you going to take action now?

Invest NOW and SAVE $500 before the investment
goes back to $1,000...

Or are you going to keep wishing, waiting or settling?

The Magnetic Woman Factor™ Virtual Retreat! 

If you have any questions or concerns about the course, call or email us.
We’re happy to help.
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